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Ship & Delivery Policy

ZIYO is a concept where we aggregate products from all around India and intend to bring it to you through a single platform.

ZIYO has an extensive logistics and supply chain running throughout the globe and therefore all our order consists of Shipping charges.

We follow the following rates for our shipping charges:
  • ₹ 75 for orders totalling below the value of ₹ 1,000 INR
  • ₹ 125 for orders totalling above the value of ₹ 1,000 INR
  • Order is processed within 3 working days and taken towards shipment. Final delivery is attempted within 7 Working days (TAT)
  • Food items go through rigorous quality check at various stages of the chain and cold storage delivery is conducted each time we receive an order. Shipment creation time is 3 Working days and final delivery is attempted within 7 Working days (TAT)
  • In certain product cases we conduct fresh procurement from exquisite regional sellers. This happens for products with low shelf life and are taken up as in demand deliveries. We do this to assure 100% quality. In these cases, delivery might be on a slightly elongated basis.
  • Order items belonging to diverse regions. In these case products belonging to the respective regions or states are first procured into a central warehouse and quality checked. In these cases delivery might be at a slightly elongated basis.

We do our maximum best required to ensure that the product quality remains same during our final delivery and make sure to provide customers with timely tracking of orders

NOTE: In certain food products, our prices mentioned in the website might be higher than that of MRP. This is due to our seller Delight Foods, which has additional packaging charges for these items.