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Samak ke Chawal

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We know the lifestyle issues of eating rice! We have an excellent replacement - Barnyard Millet - tastes similar to rice! Also popularly known as Kuthiravali, Sama, Samvat, Shyama, Udalu, Khira, Swank and Vrat Ke Chawal, Barnyard Millet is gluten free, high in Iron content, fibre and has high antioxidants, and at the same time has much lesser calories than rice. It is 4-5 times nutritionally superior to rice and wheat! Millets are hardy plants and hence need no or low fertilisers/pesticides thus making naturally organic. Additionally no chemicals have been used while processing. It is commonly consumed during Navratri since people abstain from using cereal grains during fasting occasions. Enjoy this super food with Curries, Sambar or Dal, make your favourite Dhoklas, Idlis & Kheer or make your favourite rice dishes like khichdi , curd rice & more. This millet rice is very easy to cook and cooks faster than rice. It does not cook into separate grains like long grained rice. It is sticky once it is cooked and stays a bit soggy. Method:• Wash and soak Barnyard Millets for 15-20 minutes.• Take water in the ratio 2:1 and boil it.• Add 1/4 tsp of salt and the soaked millets.• Add soaked rice to the boiling water for 10 -15 mins. Stir occasionally.• Fluff up with a fork to separate the grains and serve.Pressure Cooker Method:• Don’t soak Barnyard Millets.• Take millets and water in the ratio 1:1 and add some salt & cook in a pressure cooker until 3 whistles.• Let the pressure go down by itself.

Vegetarian | Best Before 90 Days From Date of Packing | Keep In A Cool And Dry Place

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Barnyard Millet/Samak Ke Chawal/Kuthiravali/Vrat Ke Chawal
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Brand Nonand Rai BholaNath
Ingredients Barnyard Millet/Samak Ke Chawal/Kuthiravali/Vrat Ke Chawal
Location Delhi
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