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Framed Cheriyal Scrolls Painting

Kalavithi, ₹38,000.00
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Gandabarunda is a two headed bird in Hindu Mythology, painted on cloth canvas with natural colors, in Cheriyal Scroll style
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"Gandabarunda is a two headed bird in Hindu Mythology, believed to be as old as 4000 Years! It is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Belief has it that Gandabarunda, apart from being the symbol of immense power, also is a protector of crops and fields, and attacks anyone who tries to destroy crops. Hence it is also looked upon as the Savior and revered in this form. The bird is depicted having two heads of eagle, clutching snakes in its beak, and lion in its talon. The lion depicts the Sharabha form of Shiva. It has elongated blazing wings. Kings and states have used this depiction as the royal emblems. Even today, Gandabarunda is the state emblem of the state of Karnataka. Depictions of Gandabarunda are found in temples, palaces , texts and coins of Southern parts of India. Interestingly, Legend of two-headed birds have been found in many other civilizations like Egyptian and Sumerian. Have a look at the vibrant depiction of this mythological bird in Cheriyal style, showing farmers and villagers at peace and under its protection. This truly is a jewel piece on Indian mythology - a true slice of India!"
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size 21 inch Height by 35 inch Width
Brand Kalavithi
Material Canvas
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